HeXx Henderson is renowned for blazing new territory on the steel guitar with his innovative technique and incredible virtuosity.  HeXx has now also established himself as an amazing singer and an outstanding song writer.   
HeXx was influenced by rock guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, Frank Marino, and Robin Trower, as well as incredible lap steel guitar players like Leon McAuliffe, Santo and Johnny, Buddy Emmons, and Alvino Rey.  Pioneering lap steel blues players Hop Wilson and Freddy Roulette, and jazz organ great Jimmy Smith also had a tremendous impact upon him.

HeXx began his career at the age of fifteen, playing the pedal steel guitar with rock and country bands in local Denver night clubs.  HeXx studied rock, blues, jazz, and country music as he gained experience gigging with musicians of the highest caliber.  Within the year he was touring with Bonnie Nelson, the country and western star signed to United Artist Records.  This lead to touring nationally with country music icon Faron Young.

Taste in country music eventually shifted and the pedal steel guitar fell out of favor to be replaced by keyboards.  HeXx happened to meet the studio bass legend Carol Kaye, who taught HeXx electric bass guitar and music theory.

HeXx then began a diverse career on the bass and steel guitar, playing with many notable rock and pop artists, such as Roy Buchanan, The Drifters, The Marvelettes, Wayne Newton, Phil Lewis of LA Guns, and Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent.   HeXx toured with western swing fiddle star Alvin Crow and country music’s greatest outlaw, David Allen Coe.

Eager for a new challenge, HeXx decided to form his own band.  Other musicians who were impressed with the way HeXx played urged him to show off his mind blowing prowess on the steel guitar.  HeXx’s steel guitar acts as the driving force behind his music owing to his uncanny ability to coax sounds that would be stunning even on a regular guitar.  

HeXx added his soulful, dynamic voice to his arsenal and began writing songs with the power of a big block muscle car and the excitement of a Steve McQueen get-away chase.  HeXx mixes the best elements of classic and heavy rock with his many musical influences to create adrenaline fueled, killer songs.  Add to this his knack for showmanship and you have one kick-ass combination.    

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